Positively Communicate for Positive Parents

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Every one wants to have a strong relationship with their children, It's one of the basic human needs - to be connected with another. But you want to be connected in a healthy and nurturing way. Without the right kind of connections, your relationship can be fraught with anxiety, fear and all types of negativity.

The secret is in the way you communicate with your child. Have you ever criticised, blamed, put down or been sarcastic to your child? These are all forms of negative communication. Maybe it's not what you've said but it's the way you've said or implied it.

If you want to get out of this type of negative talk and nurture your child's self-esteem and bond with your child then this book will help you. It focuses on all positive communications. With four sections, each dealing with the different types of communications: non verbal, verbal, written and communication skills, this is a comprehensive book. There are action steps to take under each subsections to really help you apply each of the positive communications.

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Positively Communicate for Positive Parents

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